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I photograph through a vision of emotion and movement to capture a moment in time where light stands still. 

Limited only by my imagination, I am inspired by music in pure darkness and isolation where my mind is free from distractions - this enables me to visualize abstract colors and movement that I am compelled to capture with my camera.

I use no commercial filters or gels attached to my lens and design my colors and forms by building sculptures from glass and acrylic. I then illuminate the sculpture in a pitch-black room and photograph using motion. The sculptures are strictly a tool to achieve the colors and textures I want and no part of the sculpture is visible in the photograph.

The resulting images are true photographs that are in no way altered, enhanced, cropped, or created in the computer or with Photoshop - this is not computer art. The results you see are typically one shot, or exposure in nature, and are 100% photographs and my imagination - my art, my love.

Jeff Schweiger


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